Why GWM?

At GWM, a shared belief courses through the veins of every employee and resonates across all our global departments. This conviction has been the driving force propelling our company since its establishment in 1990, pushing the boundaries of what a car can achieve. It is this unyielding belief that has led GWM to specialize in the meticulous construction of purpose-driven vehicles. Each model is intricately engineered with the explicit intent of not just meeting, but surpassing the unique requirements of our customers, weaving inspiration and innovation into every automotive creation.

GWM boasts the HAVAL Technology Center

a multifunctional facility encompassing R&D, production, testing, modeling, and data processing. This has allowed GWM to strategically organize the R&D landscape for both vehicles and parts, marking a significant qualitative advancement in research and development capabilities. As part of its future vision, GWM is committed to a 30-billion Yuan investment to establish a comprehensive global R&D system, focusing on cutting-edge advancements in active and passive safety technology, intelligent interconnection, and autonomous driving. The robust technical prowess of GWM has garnered widespread recognition, earning prestigious titles such as a "state-recognized technology center," a "unit with a postdoctoral program," and a "national innovative enterprise" by key authorities, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Our Culture

Guided by the philosophy of "progressing incrementally every day," GWM has cultivated a unique corporate culture and assembled an exceptional management team. This synergy has given rise to a distinct business and management approach, with unparalleled business quality that positions GWM as a leader in the domestic automotive industry.

Honours & Awards

GWM has consistently garnered global recognition and awards for its design, engineering, 4WD capabilities, and exceptional value for money over the years.

Brand Journey



Moving forward, GWM is committed to strengthening its system capabilities, adhering to a focused philosophy, achieving professional operation and management with an open-minded approach, and persistently advancing towards establishing itself as a global leading brand.



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